Child Visitation Lawyer

The most important decision that any couple will make during their divorce is the decision regarding child custody and visitation (also called parenting time). In most cases, both parents will share legal custody (called joint managing conservatorship), but your child possession order will define who has physical custody – the amount of time the child or children will spend with each parent.

Visitation & Parenting Plan

You and the other parent may already have some thoughts about the parenting plan you think will work for you. But if you haven’t been through this before (or many times before), there are probably a lot of details you haven’t considered. Your visitation lawyer will ensure that your parenting plan is comprehensive enough to guide you through the situations you will face.

Even in the best of times, parenting is a challenge. When you no longer live together, when you don’t have full information, there are bad feelings or poor communications between parents … it’s not hard to see how problems can develop.

A thorough parenting plan can help to minimize miscommunications. It will include the details that are important for your particular family, such as:

  • Daily schedules and travel arrangements
  • Holidays
  • Religious observance
  • Vacations and travel

A visitation agreement can include:

  • Who can attend school meetings or events (Will you both be there? Only one at a time?)
  • Visiting relatives

A visitation decision can also specify visitation with a grandparent or other relatives who have been a big part of the child’s life. Grandparent visitation in Texas is not commonly ordered so if you want legally protected access to a beloved grandchild, you will definitely need a visitation lawyer to assist you.

Has a Parent Violated The Child Visitation Agreement?

Does your child’s other parent forget or fail to show up for scheduled visitation time? Does he or she consistently return the children late? Do you think they have acted irresponsibly when caring for your child – leaving them with an unreliable person?

Contact An Attorney For Child Visitation

Don’t let visitation problems go unresolved. Your child’s emotional and physical welfare is too important.Take your visitation order back to Texas family court. Contact a Fort Worth visitation attorney for help.