Fort Worth Child Custody Lawyer

There are many reasons people hire a Fort Worth child custody lawyer.

Are you a Texas parent considering divorce You are going to need skilled legal help to negotiate a thorough and customized child custody agreement that works for your family; or to fight for you in court if the other parent refuses to work things out.

Are you an unmarried parent who wants legal protection for your rights and relationship with your child – whether that child is a newborn or an older child? Fathers’ have rights. Once paternity has been established, you have every right to ask for an ongoing relationship with your child.

Unmarried mothers’ also have rights, and lives of their own. Things can become complicated when a child enters the picture and the man, woman – and maybe their parents – begin to have expectations about how things should be.

An experienced child custody attorney will work hard to protect the parent-child relationship as well as the legal rights of the parent.

Visitation And Child Custody

Are you a divorced parent having problems getting your child’s other parent to pay child support or live up to their end of a parenting Visitation Agreement Child support is usually ordered at the time of divorce as part of a child custody agreement. But it’s not uncommon to have to go back to court to seek a modification of your child support order because the situation has changed … or to have to go back to court because you haven’t been getting the child support you are due.

Child support and child visitation are two completely separate things, but sometimes parents have problems with one and then cause problems with the other. If a parent is late on child support payments, you cannot legally prevent him or her from seeing their child. If the custodial parent has prevented you from seeing your child, that is not a valid reason to stop paying support.

Take your case back to court! Your child custody lawyer can help with child support enforcement and renegotiation of custody and visitation.

Are you a step-parent who wants to demonstrate your love and commitment to a stepchild by adopting him or her? Many child custody lawyers help with step-parent adoption.

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Contact a child custody attorney to learn more about your rights and responsibilities under Texas family law.