Choosing A Divorce Attorney

There are many divorce lawyers in the Fort Worth area, so how do you find the best divorce attorney for you? Most people considering divorce have never spoken to a divorce lawyer before so how do you start the process?

On this page, you will find some tips on what to look for when interviewing a potential divorce attorney. Do a web search for lawyers in your area and carefully review their websites. Then contact one or two lawyers for an initial consultation.

Do You Feel Committed to a Particular Process?

Some people are committed to using divorce mediation or the collaborative law process and are opposed to the possibility of going to divorce court. There are good reasons to go that route, including:

  • Keeping the details of your divorce private,
  • avoiding conflict,
  • Getting your divorce done quickly and cost-effectively

If you are looking for divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, look for a divorce lawyer who is experienced in these methods. Ask about certifications, about training and experience. And ask what they do if this method fails.

Will Your Circumstances Require Special Expertise?

Do you have a particularly complicated marital estate? Do you and your partner have a family business? Is one partner active-duty military? Does one partner’s income involve complicated executive pay packages?

These are a few of the issues that could make property division and spousal support more complex. In that case, you will want a divorce lawyer with knowledge of military pensions and business, or with access to the kind of financial professionals needed to assess and evaluate complicated financial matters.

Are There Children Involved?

Every divorce lawyer will have experience helping parents negotiate child support, child custody and visitation Agreements, but be sure to talk to the lawyer about any unique elements of your situation. Do they have any particular insights or guidance on these matters?

  • Are you or the other parent thinking of relocating and moving the child to another state? Is the other parent a foreign national who might take your child to another country?
  • Do you have any concerns for your child’s safety when in custody with the other parent?
  • Does your child have any special needs or medical needs that could require additional financial support?

Do You Expect Your Case to be Difficult or Easy?

Some couples are in complete agreement about the need for a divorce and may have done much of the work themselves before they get a lawyer

involved. In this case, it may be quick and easy to get your divorce accomplished.

On the other hand, couples in high-conflict situations can find it difficult to reach an agreement on anything. Even if one partner has the best of intentions, the other partner may sabotage the process. Divorce court may be the only option. Talk to the divorce lawyers you’ve chosen about how they handle difficult personalities. Have they taken many cases to divorce court?

Do You Feel a Connection?

How did you feel when talking to this lawyer? Was it comfortable? Did you come away with a feeling of confidence that they can handle the issues in your case? Did they listen well? Do you feel like you can trust them?

You will be working closely with this person so it’s important that you feel this relationship is a good fit, and that they care about you.

Now you’re ready to contact a divorce lawyer to learn if they are the right choice for you.