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What a Family Law Attorney Can Do For You

Family law is an incredibly diverse area of practice. The issues that it deal with can overlap with many other areas of law so family lawyers and their clients – benefit from wide-ranging knowledge and skills.

If you are starting your search for a family law attorney, take some time to think about what may be involved in your case. It may not be as straightforward as “just getting divorced.” You might want someone who has particular skills or expertise.

Family Law and Divorce

Divorce is the most common family law matter, and the most complex. Every divorce includes property division but that can range from drafting a simple agreement to dealing with complicated procedures for distributing a military pension, ensuring a fair valuation of unique, high-end assets, or strategizing ways to “divide” the assets of a business without harming the business.

When both parties are in agreement, translating those agreements into a document the family law judge can sign is straightforward. But even then, a lawyer can bring added value by helping you think through all of the issues. After all, it’s probably your first time but the lawyer has handled many cases and seen where things have gone wrong. Avoid the mistakes others have made; listen to the professional.

Personalities also come into play. You know your soon-to-be ex-spouse better than anyone.

  • Is he or she likely to be belligerent, violent or manipulative? If you think you will have a fight on your hands, be sure you choose a fighter – a lawyer with a lot of trial court experience.
  • Is he or she deceptive, likely to hide assets or quickly running up debt? You need a lawyer with solid knowledge of finances and the resources to track down missing assets.

Family Law is Much More Than Divorce

Family law attorneys help family relationships start from a stronger foundation. That’s the goal of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements – ensuring everyone’s interests are understood and protected so the relationship can move forward.

Legal matters involving children can be joyful, creating new families through adoption, surrogacy, and establishing paternity. The work of family law attorneys is also essential to a child’s wellbeing – ensuring parents arrive at a workable child custody plan and visitation agreement that provides a stable living situation for a child.

Family lawyers keep people safe. Turn to a family law attorney when you need a restraining order to protect you or your children from domestic abuse. A family lawyer can be a life-saver for a child in danger of abuse or neglect when staying with an unfit parent. Get help modifying an existing child custody order or seeking guardianship of a child in your family.

Contact a Family Law Attorney

For legal advice and an advocate on your side, contact a family law firm to schedule an online or in-person meeting to learn more about their attorneys.